Analysis of the Mechanical and Physical Behaviors of 3D-Printed PEEK Structures under Different Parameters


Fahri Murat
Osman Yavuz
Muhammed Sefa Temel
İsmail Hakkı Korkmaz
İrfan Kaymaz


In this study, the mechanical and physical properties of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) material produced through three-dimensional (3D) printing under different production parameters were investigated. For this purpose, the results obtained by applying heat treatment to the produced samples were examined. Comparisons based on mechanical properties were supported by 3D surface profiles and XRD analyses. According to the obtained results, low nozzle diameter and high printing temperature led to an increase of up to 8% in the elastic modulus and up to 33% in tensile strength of the samples. The heat treatment applied in the study increased tensile strength by up to 8% and elastic modulus by up to 9% in samples produced with a low-diameter nozzle. In conclusion, this study aims to provide a dataset for 3D PEEK designs, intending to enhance the performance of PEEK materials that can be used in medical and industrial applications.


How to Cite
Murat, F., Yavuz, O., Temel, M. S. ., Korkmaz, İsmail H., & Kaymaz, İrfan. (2024). Analysis of the Mechanical and Physical Behaviors of 3D-Printed PEEK Structures under Different Parameters. International Journal of Pioneering Technology and Engineering, 3(01), 01–06.


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