The Site Selection of Wind Energy Plants Using the MOORA Method


Engin Ufuk Ergul
Mustafa Genç


An important part of Turkey's energy needs is met with fossil fuel energy resources. The lack of fossil fuels to be sustainable and lead to pollution of the renewable energy resources, wind energy has led to be a very important energy resource for Turkey. Turkey Wind energy potential of Turkey is high. The initial installation costs of wind energy plants are high. For this reason, it is very important to select the wind energy plant installation sites correctly to ensure high efficiency from the plants. There are many criteria that affect the decision-making process in selecting an installation site of a wind energy plant. Therefore, installation site selection of a wind energy plant is a complex decision-making process. In this study, considering the wind speeds over the wind energy potential map, three plant sites are determined in the southeast (RES_1), north (RES_2) and southwest (RES_3) of Amasya. MOORA method (Multi-Objective Optimization on basis of Ratio Analysis), which is one of the Multi-Criteria Decision Making methods, has been used in the selection of the most appropriate installation site. Determined criteria values and benchmark weights are used in MOORA method. Using the MOORA method, the plant installation sites are ranked. After that, the most suitable wind energy plant installation site (RES_2) is determined for Amasya.


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Ufuk Ergul, E., & Genç, M. . (2022). The Site Selection of Wind Energy Plants Using the MOORA Method. International Journal of Pioneering Technology and Engineering, 1(01), 13–23.